Joint Funding Initiatives

Recognising that more investment was needed in the field of experimental medicine, several UKCRC Partners provided £134m joint funding to strengthen this area of research. Funding was in three areas:

Clinical Research Infrastructure Initiative

Collective funding of £84m has been provided by nine partners under a competitive process managed by the Wellcome Trust to provide significant new investment for clinical research infrastructure. The initiative focused primarily on creating and expanding clinical research facilities . Full details about the Clinical Research Facilities and how the money has been used can be found on the Wellcome Trust website.

The Clinical Research Infrastructure Initiative funding partners are: Wellcome Trust, Wolfson Foundation, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, the Medical Research Council (MRC), the Health Departments in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and the Health Research Board of Ireland.

Support for Research

The second part of the UKCRC initiative was a £15m investment by the MRC in grants focusing on the early testing of novel treatments or interventions in people. The MRC website contains details of the 28 awards made under the first scheme. A £15m second wave of funding for ‘proof of concept’ studies was made in April 2008 in partnership with the British Heart Foundation.

Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres

Cancer Research UK and the UK Health Departments, under the auspices of the National Cancer Research Institute, have invested £35 million to establish a network of 17 Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres. Each Centre receives up to £2 million over 5 years, while two further Centres in Development gain £150,000 per year. Further detail on these grants can be found on the website of Cancer Research UK.