UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre

The UKCRC funds the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (UKCRC TDCC). The UKCRC TDCC aims to maximise the use, value and impact of the UK’s human sample resources in the UK, and beyond. Along with supporting research in the UK, it participates in BBMRI-ERIC a European biobanking research infrastructure, as the UK National Node.

The UKCRC TDCC’s flagship project is the UKCRC Tissue Directory, a free online resource that catalogues the different types of human sample resources across the UK (e.g. biobank, cohort, biorepository, clinical trial; etc.). It’s the only one of it’s kind that covers all regions, sample types and disease areas.

The UKCRC Tissue Directory has catalogued over 180 sample resources which host over 400 sample collections, covering 136 diseases, and counting. Researchers can search for existing collections by gender, age, and disease or find resources that can acquire bespoke collections for them. For more information, how to find or register samples, please see the UKCRC TDCC website.


The creation of the UKCRC TDCC was mandated by the UKCRC via their vision for Human Tissues Resources. It states:

“Funders aim to maximise the value of human tissue samples and resources while minimising duplication of effort. This requires better characterisation of tissue samples, asking for generic consent, and increased linkage to accurate clinical data. Sample collections must then be made more easily discoverable and accessible for use in high quality, ethical research.”

In order to achieve this vision a series of actions were recommended and accepted by the UKCRC group. The full project report and a lay summary and recommendations are both available to download.