Clinical Research Network in England


Clinical research infrastructure in England is provided through the NIHR Clinical Research Network.

The Network supports the delivery of a portfolio of clinical research studies, including life-sciences industry studies, across all parts of the NHS in England.

It does this by providing funds to hospitals and surgeries to invest in clinical research nurses, and other clinical staff. This highly-trained workforce matches patients with appropriate study participation opportunities, and carries out the clinical duties required by the studies, enabling research teams to answer the research question to time and target. Network funding also covers costs related to study delivery such as x-rays and scans.

The NIHR Clinical Research Network also works to ensure that clinical research occupies the place it deserves in the day-to-day work of the NHS, by encouraging clinical professionals to engage actively in research activities, for the benefit of patients and the NHS service as a whole.

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The Network comprises 15 areas that, together, cover the whole of England. Each area is responsible for delivery of a portfolio of studies spanning 30 specialities. These specialities are:
Ageing; anaesthesia; perioperative medicine and pain management; cancer; cardiovascular disease; children; critical care; dementias and neurodegeneration (DeNDRon); dermatology; diabetes; ear, nose and throat; gastroenterology; genetics; haematology; health services and delivery research; hepatology; infectious diseases and micrbiology; injuries and emergencies; mental health; metabolic and endocrine disorders; musculosketetal disorders; neurological discorders; opthalmology; oral and dental health; primary care; public health; renal disorders; reproductive health and childbirth; respiratory disorders; stroke; surgery.

The Network is managed by a National Coordinating Centre, which takes responsibility for the cross-cutting initiatives to improve study delivery.