European Context

The development of infrastructure to support high quality clinical trials is being mirrored in a number of counties across Europe. The European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN) aims to facilitate the closer working of EU member states in this area.

European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN)

ECRIN is an EU-funded programme which aims to integrate national clinical research facilities into a pan-European infrastructure, able to provide support to multinational clinical research in any medical field, and for any category of clinical research.

Its aims include:

  • Providing integrated ‘one-stop shop’ support to investigators and sponsors in multi-national clinical research projects, for any category of clinical research, in any disease area, particularly in rare diseases where multinational collaboration is a critical success factor.
  • Promoting the development of national networks of clinical research centres and clinical trial units with professional staff and data management tools, implementing high quality standards in the conduct of clinical studies.
  • Promoting education and training, as well as mobility programmes between countries, between preclinical and clinical research, and between academia and industry.
  • Facilitating the connection of disease-oriented networks across borders.
  • Promoting sound, unbiased methodology ensuring optimal protection of trial participants and high ethical standards.
  • Promoting availability and EU integration of funding to clinical research projects.
  • Promoting harmonisation of national legislation on clinical research and the development of a European regulatory framework providing optimal protection for the trial participants and minimal obstacles to medical institutions, through requirements adapted to the risk of the individual trial.
  • Promoting transparency and optimal use of data through public registration of clinical studies, transparent reporting, and the development of public repositories for clinical study data.
  • Promoting the active participation of patients in clinical research, through their involvement in every step including the initiation and design of clinical studies.
  • Promoting communication on the challenges raised by clinical research with patients, families, citizens, ethics committees, competent authorities, academic and industry sponsors, news media, national and EU policy makers, and other stakeholders.

Further information is available on theĀ ECRIN website