Research Infrastructure

The UKCRC Partners have implemented a comprehensive UK-wide strategy to put in place infrastructure to support all aspects of clinical research, including staff, facilities and technology.


Clinical Research Networks

Clinical research networks have been established across the UK to provide the infrastructure to support high quality clinical studies across all areas of disease and clinical need.


Experimental Medicine

The major funding bodies within the UKCRC have undertaken several joint initiatives to strengthen the infrastructure for experimental medicine research and early-phase clinical trials in the UK.


Clinical Trials Units

A UKCRC Registration Process has been established for Clinical Trials Units responsible for coordinating multi-centre clinical studies. This is intended to help improve the quality and quantity of available expertise to carry out UK clinical trials.


UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre

The UKCRC funds the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (UKCRC TDCC). The UKCRC TDCC aims to maximise the use, value