Regulation & Governance

The UKCRC Partners have established initiatives to streamline the regulatory and governance environment in the UK.


Integrated Research Application System

The Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) streamlines the process for applying for permissions and approvals to conduct health and social care research in the UK, by reducing duplication and making it simpler and less time-consuming


The Research Passport

The Research Passport system streamlines the approach to issuing honorary research contracts for multi-centre studies. This UK-wide system forms part of the NIHR Research in the NHS – HR good Practice Resource Pack.


Model Agreements

Before a piece of research can start, sponsors and host institutions need to have appropriate agreements in place. To simplify the drafting of agreements for different research scenarios, model agreements are being developed for “off the shelf” use.


Streamlining R&D Permissions

Each UK Health Department is working to streamline the administrative processes associated with research, including those for gaining NHS/HSC R&D permissions. The UKCRC Partners and stakeholders are working to harmonise these processes across the UK.


R&G Advice Service

The UKCRC Regulatory and Governance (R&G) Advice Service provides UK-wide support for advice providers by answering complex queries and providing web-based resources. It complements the coordinated approach to R&G training being developed by the UKCRC.


Horizon Scanning

The UKCRC Partners and stakeholders are committed to facilitating early and effective involvement with regulatory change by ensuring consistent, full inclusion in debate on R&G issues, and engaging early with new European regulatory developments.