The Research Passport


The Research Passport is a streamlined system for issuing honorary research contracts to researchers who do not have a contractual relationship with the NHS.

The Research Passport saves valuable time and resources and speeds study start-up times by relying on existing pre-engagement checks and assurances from substantial employers. It avoids the need for researchers working across multiple NHS sites to obtain a new contract and go through multiple new pre-engagement checks from each host organisation.

The Passport benefits researchers, NHS organisations and universities because it:

  • Promotes the consistent use of honorary research contracts by the NHS
  • Provides clear guidance on their use
  • Provides a streamlined standard system to apply for the contracts
  • Avoids repeat checks for each contract
  • Clarifies responsibilities of NHS hosts and Higher Education Institution employers.

The Research Passport forms part of the Research in the NHS – Human Resource (HR) Good Practice Resource Pack which describes the Research Passport and other standardised procedures for handling the HR arrangements for researchers.

This pack was developed under the umbrella of the UKCRC and was undertaken by the NHS R&D Forum with guidance and assitance from:

  • Univerisities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA)
  • Universities UK
  • The UK Health Departments
  • NHS Employers
  • Univiersities Personnel Association

All information, documentation and contact details realting to the Research in the NHS – Human Resource (HR) Good Practice Pack, including the Research Passport, can be found on the IRAS website.