Streamlining R&D Permissions


The UK Health Departments and the national coordinating centres for R&D permissions are working together under the auspices of the UKCRC to streamline NHS/Health and Social Care (HSC) R&D permissions across the UK.

The four UK Health Departments are each working to streamline the process of gaining NHS/HSC R&D permission through the development and implementation of national systems for R&D permissions.

Harmonisation of permissions across the UK is being achieved through an iterative process to take into account the variation in stages of development and implementation of national systems. This process is enabling systems to be agreed and introduced, which ensure that cross-border and UK-wide studies are handled as efficiently as possible and with minimal duplication of effort.

Implementation of streamlined national and UK-wide systems and processes for gaining R&D permission are underpinned and complemented by the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS). Embedded within this system are instructions and guidance that are tailored to support applicants through whichever system(s) are applicable to their study.

This work was initiated by a statement on R&D permissions endorsed by the four UK Health Departments in September 2007.

National Systems for R&D Permissions

The four UK nations are each seeking to streamline the process of gaining R&D permission. These national approaches are outlined

R&D Permissions – UK Health Departments

Wednesday, 19 September 2007 In response to concerns raised by the research community about the increasing impact of regulation and