Integrated Research Application System

312_IRAS_HubThe Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) is a UK-wide system that streamlines the process for applying for permissions and approvals to conduct health and social care research. It is provided by te Health Research Authority (HRA) on behalf of the IRAS Partners.

IRAS allows researchers to enter the information for the relevant permissions and approvals once, instead of having to complete several separate application forms for each review body.

Filters are used to ensure that data is collected and collated appropriately to the type of study and the approvals and permissions required.

For more inforamtion about IRAS, the applications included in the system and for guidance on the system adn the functionality that it includes, please refer to the useful website links section.

IRAS can be accessed directly at

About the development of IRAS

IRAS was developed under the auspices of the UKCRC, led by the National Research Ethics Service, which is now part of the Health Research Authority (HRA). IRAS was launched in January 2008.