Want to Get Involved?

A growing number of researchers and organisations involved in clinical research are looking for patients and members of the public to get involved in their work.

If you are thinking about getting involved or you have already decided that you would like to, there is a website, People in Research, which can help you make contact with organisations and researchers that want to actively involve people in shaping clinical research.

You can also visit INVOLVE‘s website to find out more about patient and public involvement in research.

People in Research is a web resource which helps to put members of the public in touch with organisations and researchers who want to actively involve people in clinical research.

This might include helping to decide what is researched, how the research should be carried out and what should be done. For example, it could involve:

  • joining a group of patients working with a hospital research team to help write a patient information leaflet
  • helping a research funding body to decide how to allocate money for research into conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

If you are a member of the public you can search a database of current opportunities to get involved and watch video clips of people talking about their experiences of involvement. If you are a researcher or a reseach organisation you can advertise opportunities for involvement on the site.

Another website, the UK Clinical Trials Gateway helps give people the confidence to join clinical trials, by providing useful information about how trials work – while helping link them to researchers running trials they might be interested in.

INVOLVE is the lead partner for PPI work at the UKCRC.