What is the UKCRC?

The UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) was established in 2004 with the aim of re-engineering the clinical research environment in the UK, to benefit the public and patients by improving national health and increasing national wealth.

The Partnership brings together the major stakeholders that influence clinical research in the UK. It includes the main UK research funding bodies; academia; the NHS; regulatory bodies; the bioscience, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries; and patients.

The UKCRC represents a new way of working in which complex long-standing issues are tackled by key stakeholders working together. Strategic direction and oversight is provided by the UKCRC Board with broad stakeholder input into key issues. Activities are led and administered by individual Partners on behalf of the Partnership.

The UKCRC was established to address the challenge that conducting research in the UK was much harder than it needed to be, despite the NHS providing the perfect environment in which to carry out high quality research for the benefit of patients.

The issues that need to be addressed in order to strengthen clinical research in the UK were highlighted in key reports from the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) and from the Bioscience Innovation and Growth Team (BIGT). The Government recognised the need for further investment and the importance of a collaborative approach through the Research for Patient Benefit Working Party and from this the UK Clinical Research Collaboration was created.