Information Resources on Clinical Research

220_CT_Booklet_CoverA wide range of information resources on clinical trials are available in English-speaking countries, however, most of this information is focused on specific disease areas such as cancer or mental health, and is not always easily transferable for use in clinical trials in other areas of health and disease.

To answer this need, the UKCRC has developed two generic information resources for patients and the public:

  • A leaflet, Clinical Trials: What they are and what they’re not, designed to answer some of the key questions people have about why and how clinical trials are carried out
  • A booklet, Understanding Clinical Trials, intended to provide more detailed information about how clinical trials are designed and carried out, and to answer questions for those considering taking part.

Printed copies of the leaflet and booklet can be requested from the NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre at:

Some of the UKCRC Partners have also produced information on clinical trials for patients and the public. The Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit provides information for patients and the public and Cancer Research UK has clinical trials information on its website aimed at cancer patients.