R&G Advice Service

The UKCRC Regulatory and Governance Advice Service is no longer operational. Developments in the regulatory environment have proved that other, more efficient ways for advice and guidance to be provided, should take precedent.

The Health Research Authority (HRA) and other regulatory agencies provide authorative advice on various aspects of the regulatory and governance landscape.

The HRA is committed to supporting health research, protecting and promoting the interests of patients and the public; as such advice and guidance feature heavily in the HRA business plan. In consultation with the research community the Medical Research Council Regulatory Support Centre (MRC RSC) is working with the HRA to examine the way that advice and guidance are given and how this can be improved. In response to community demand the HRA and MRC RSC has developed new decision tree tools to help determine whether a study requires NHS Research Ethics Approval, and which category to select in the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS – filter question 2). These will be launched early in 2013.

Further work to streamline how queries are handled will take place over the course of 2013 and how the HRA website, as a mechanism to deliver advice and guidance can be improved.