Launch of new Health Research Classification System (HRCS) website

The UK Clinical Research Collaboration launches the new Health Research Classification System (HRCS) website today. This website replaces the original established to support both the classification system itself and the UK Health Research Analysis reporting series, which provides a unique snapshot of medical research funding across the UK. These nationwide reports have grown since the earliest report was published in 2006 to 64 charitable and public funders of biomedical and health research, with more than £3bn in funding assessed. The new website also provides a vital day-to-day resource to researchers working on award portfolios, with guidance for those coding with HRCS and data from the previous reports for onward meta-analysis. Alongside the new site are revisions to the content; updates to the classification system guidance to bring the HRCS up to speed with the latest forms of research and innovation. For more details please see link to website below: