Office for Stategic Coordination of Health Research

The 2006 Review of funding in UK health research led by Sir David Cooksey resulted in the creation of the independent Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research (OSCHR). Cooksey had identified considerable strength in the UK science base, but revealed clutural, institutional and financial barriers to the effective translation of health research into clinical practice. The review envisioned a cultural change among the public funders of health research to address the barriers to research collaboration and to support the application and translation of basic research into patient care and economic benefit.

Since 2007, the OSCHR Board has demonstrated a powerful capacity to work across government through collaboration, addressing many of the issues required to ensure a comprehensive health research environment and leading to improve health outcomes and economic growth. The OSCHR process has helped to focus on the development of better NHS electronic data capabilities for research; create a research programme for public health and greatly enhance translation science.

The work of OSCHR is complemented by the work of the UKCRC and maintaining a close working relationship between the UKCRC Partners and the OSCHR Partners continues to be key in delivering a world-class health research environment in the UK.