Clinical Academic Careers: England and Wales

The Integrated Academic Training programme was developed and launched by the Academic Careers Subcommittee of MMC and the UKCRC. Since 2007, the National Institute for Health Research in England and the Welsh Assembly Government have funded and developed these schemes separately in the two nations.

The Integrated Academic Training programme has established dedicated academic training posts at the specialist training and academic levels, as shown below:


Each year, the Integrated Academic Training programme provides up to:

  • 200 Academic Clinical Fellowship posts in England and 12 in Wales
  • 70 Clinical Lectureship posts in England and 12 in Wales
  • NIHR In-Practice Academic Fellowship posts for General Practitioners and General Dental Practitioners in England
  • 40 Clinical Senior Lectureship posts funded by the Higher Education Funding Council in England
  • Charity sector-funded Clinician Scientist Awards

More information on the Academic Clinical Fellowship, Clinical Lectureship and NIHR In Practice Academic Fellowship training programmes and the Clinical Scientist Awards in England can be found on the website of the NIHR Coordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development, which administers the competitive process to host these training posts. Further information on the training schemes in Wales is available on the Modernising Medical Careers Wales website.

For more information on Clinical Senior Lectureship training programmes please see the website of the Higher Education Funding Council for England which funds these training programmes in partnership with the NHS.