Clinical Academic Careers for Doctors and Dentists


In 2005, the Joint Academic Careers Subcommittee of the UKCRC and Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) recommended the development of a clear and integrated training and career pathway for medically and dentally qualified academic staff to allow them to combine research and education with a clinical career. The four UK nations have taken individual approaches to implementing the recommendations.

Clinical Academic Careers: England and Wales

The Integrated Academic Training programme was developed and launched by the Academic Careers Subcommittee of MMC and the UKCRC. Since 2007, the

Clinical Academic Careers: Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, a strategic group with membership from Queen’s University Belfast and the Department for Health, Social Services and

Clinical Academic Careers: Scotland

In Scotland, the UKCRC/MMC Academic Careers Subcommittee recommendations have been taken forward as the Scottish Clinical Research Excellence Development Scheme