Model Agreement for Non-Commercial Research in the Health Service

December 2008

The model agreement for non-commercial research (mNCA) is a template for documenting the relationship between and the responsibilities of the non-commercial sponsor(s)1 of a research study and the Health Service organisation where the study takes place.

The mNCA is intended for use in non-commercial research studies carried out in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It can also be used for non-NIHR portfolio studies in England. Usage of the mNCA in this way is supported by the UKCRC Partners.

The mNCA has been developed as a single agreement that ensures compliance with the applicable UK law and institutional arrangements. The clauses in the main body of the Agreement are intended to be used without modification or negotiation whilst the Schedules will need tailoring to the specific research situations.


 In the mNCA, the Sponsor is the body that has taken responsibility for the development of the Protocol. The Sponsor could be a number of different types of public sector or charitable bodies such as another NHS body, a university, a government department, research council or a research funder. The Sponsor may be more than one organisation and the mNCA makes provision for there to be more than one Sponsor. Please refer to the guidance document for further information.